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Work Permits

Students choose to work while attending school for a variety of reasons, from wanting to earn their own income or help support the family, to gaining on-the-job experience, or to connecting what they are learning in the classroom to the real world.  In any case, to help our students who choose to work, work permits are available through our district.

During summer, work permits can be applied for at our Child Welfare & Attendance department at the district office.  During the school year, students can apply for work permits at their high school Guidance Office.  Students will need to have the Intent To Employ Form B1-1 completed by their prospective employer and returned to our office or their school's Guidance Office.  Once the B1-1 form is received, the student's record is reviewed and a work permit may be issued. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Child Welfare & Attendance office at 626-858-6168 or call your high school Guidance Office for more information. 

Please click the following link for a copy of the CDE Form B1-1.