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Notice of Bid Invitation


Questions and Answers

  1. How many bills have been reviewed over the last three fiscal years?  6,301
  2. How many Nurse Care Manager referrals were made over the last three fiscal years?  17
  3. How many Utilization Reviews were conducted over the last three fiscal years?  779
  4.  Who is the current administrator? York
  5. In the RFP, you stated that there are currently 78 open indemnity claims.  Could you provide us with the number of future medical claims as well? As of 1/12/18 there are 21 claims. 
  6. Would you please clarify that you are interested in a proposal for Azusa USD as a stand-alone, self-insured, where no member districts are involved, who is not part of a Joint Powers Authority, does not require settlement approval by an Executive Director nor adherence to CRSIG policies as referenced within the RFP?  Yes
  7. Is the school district open to an integrated, bundled option with claims administration services along with managed care services? Yes
  8. Would you be able to provide a loss run report from the last three fiscal years? Yes, if requested for 10 years.
  9. Would you be able to provide Azusa USD’s current contract that includes TPA services for claims administration, managed care and ancillary services? If the contract is through the San Gabriel Valley School District’s Self-Insurance Authority, I welcome that information as well. Yes, if requested.
  10. What is the annual new claim frequency?  We had 74 new claims in calendar year 2017
  11. Who are the current vendors for Bill Review, Utilization Review, Nurse Case Management and the MPN? York
  12. In the section pertaining to service requirements on page 13, does AUSD prefer to have a dedicated or designated team of adjusters? Yes, dedicated team.
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