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PK/ETK Activities

It is important to establish a daily routine that would work for your family. We recommend a daily routine that include:

  • 30 minutes of reading with your child in your primary language
  • Time to converse with your child about a variety of topics 
  • Time for a creative activity or play such as creating art or building things with blocks
  • Physical activity 


Great Websites

For those with internet access, some great websites that are available for preschool and ETK students are:


Additional Resources

A list of weblinks to resources for parents can be found on the California Department of Education website.

Our preschool and ETK program is guided by the California Preschool Learning Foundations and by the California Preschool Curriculum Frameworks. The California Preschool Learning Foundation volumes 1-3 can be found here. These are great references you can use as you work with your child.

Activities Optional

Students will not be graded, penalized, or held accountable for optional enrichment activities provided during this time of school closures; all offerings are optional. 

Computer Science

Check out!