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Grade 2 Activities

Select a section below to see specific optional enrichment activities for your student.

  • Comprehension and Fluency: Read pages 253-254 

  • Answer questions on page 255

  • Comprehension: Complete graphic organizer on page 256 (based on pages 253-254)

  • Genre/Literary Element: Read and complete page 257

  • Vocabulary Strategy: Read and complete page 258

  • Writing Traits: Read and complete page 259

  • Write to Sources: Read and complete page 260

  • Word Work: Complete page 262

  • Comprehension and Fluency: Read pages 263-264 

  • Answer questions on page 265

  • Comprehension: Complete graphic organizer on page 266 (based on pages 263-264)

  • Genre/Text Feature: Complete page 267

  • Vocabulary Strategy: Complete page 268

  • Writing Traits: Complete page 269

  • Writing to Sources: Complete page 270

  • Comprensión y fluidez: lee y completa páginas 228-229

  • Organizador gráfico 227 (completar después de leer páginas 228-229)

  • Comprensión: Tema y fluidez complete página 230 

  • Género: complete pagina 231 

  • Estrategia de vocabulario: Claves de contexto página 232 

  • Elemento de escritura: Organización página 233 

  • Escritura basada en las fuentes página 234 

  • Comprensión y fluidez 237-238

  • Organizador gráfico 236  (completar después de leer páginas 237-238)

  • Comprensión: Propósito del autor y fluidez página 239 

  • Género 240 

  • Estrategia de vocabulario: Claves en el párrafo página 241 

  • Elemento de escritura: Selección de palabras página 242

  • Escritura basada en las fuentes página 243

Understand the importance of individual action and character and explain how heroes from long ago and the recent past have made a difference in others’ lives.


  • How do heroes make a difference?

  • What makes someone a hero?

  • About Albert Einstein and Marie Curie.

  • How Good leaders show courage

Biodiversity and Humans

There are many different kinds of living things in any area, and they exist in different places on land and in water. (2-LS4-1)

  • Write and draw about all the different living things in your neighborhood.

California Science: Objects in Motion

  • Read page 172-173

  • Define the vocabulary words on page 174 and draw a picture for each word.

  • Read page 176-181 Complete Lesson Wrap-Up on page 181

  • Read pages 182-183 Complete Sharing Ideas on page 183

  • Read pages 184-191 Complete Lesson Wrap-Up on page 191


  • Keep a daily activity journal


  • 30 min of reading a day
Activities Optional

Students will not be graded, penalized, or held accountable for optional enrichment activities provided during this time of school closures; all offerings are optional.